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            Destination Australia scholarship

            Keen to study in regional Australia? You could be eligible for a scholarship worth $15,000 a year.

            Dept of Ed Australian Government | Destination Australia Scholarship logosDestination Australia - An initiative of the Australian Government

            The Destination Australia scholarship is designed to support students to undertake their university degree in regional Australia.

            Study at one of our regional campuses in Lismore or Coffs Harbour, and enjoy the benefits of two of the most picturesque and affordable university towns in Australia.

            Be a name not a number in one of Australia’s most vibrant regional universities with small class sizes, access to world class facilities and unique natural environments within easy reach of the campus.

            *Destination Australia - An initiative of the Australian Government.



            To be eligible for this scholarship you must be:

            1. An Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, a permanent Australian resident, a student with an Australian permanent visa or an International Student Visa.
            2. A commencing student
            3. Enrolled as a full-time student
            4. Enrolled at Lismore or Coffs Harbour campus
            5. Preference will be given to the following courses:
            1. Maintain ongoing residency in a regional area as defined by the 2016 Australian Geography Standard Remoteness Structure, for the duration of each study period.
              Where a course includes study outside a regional area (for example, for a clinical placement), residency away from the regional area is permitted for no more than one study period (not exceeding 6 months). In cases where the requirements of a compulsory placement exceed the permitted study period away from regional area, approval must be sought from the Department of Education by the university.
            2. International Students are also required to maintain a student visa for the duration of the scholarship in order to ensure protection under the Education 河南福彩幸运彩 for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.


            Application process


            $15,000 per year


            Up to four years

            Closing Date

            • Applications close 22 February 河南福彩幸运彩
            • Outcomes released 29 February 河南福彩幸运彩


            *Destination Australia – An Australian Government Initiative.

            About our Lismore Campus

            Southern Cross University’s Lismore campus occupies acres of lush, subtropical grounds including landscaped gardens and rainforest walkways that are 河南福彩幸运彩 to a variety of native wildlife.

            At the heart of student life is the Learning Centre, a state-of-the-art facility with individual and collaborative learning spaces and library resources. The adjacent Goodman Plaza is 河南福彩幸运彩 to food and beverage outlets, Co-op bookshop, banking facilities and a range of student services. There is a fully-equipped fitness centre including gym and indoor pool. The health and human science labs, science and engineering precinct all boast world-class facilities and complement the on-campus law moot court.

            Creative studios for visual arts students include painting, printmaking, 3D and digital art and design. Studio One29 is an industry standard teaching and performance space and along with other specialist music and media facilities contribute to an atmosphere of creativity on campus.

            Lismore's vibrant arts, culture and music scene includes signature Byron Bay events such as the Byron Writers Festival, Splendour in the Grass, Fall Music and Arts Festival and Byron Bay Blues Fest. 

             The Liverpool FC Football Excellence Program will also be offered for the first time in 河南福彩幸运彩 to Southern Cross University students in Lismore. Are you keen to learn how to play and coach the Liverpool Way? Find out more here.

            About our Coffs Harbour campus

            Set on acres of rolling hills and bushland close to beaches and the city centre, Southern Cross University’s Coffs Harbour campus is the ideal location for study with a fantastic lifestyle at your fingertips.

            Our leading psychology course has been ranked #1 in Australia by the Good Universities Guide 河南福彩幸运彩.

            The resorts, hotels and tourist attractions in the Coffs coast provides not only a wealth of opportunities for business and tourism students to learn the ropes on internships but also opportunities for employment while studying. The proximity to the Solitary Islands Marine Park and the University’s National Marine Science Centre provides an ideal learning environment for marine science students.

            Southern Cross University’s new Health Sciences Building, with advanced laboratories and teaching spaces opened in 2019, adding to the University’s expanding portfolio of health sciences facilities and courses.

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